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Decorating is not about making stage sets, it is not about making pretty pictures for the magazines; it is really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.” –Albert Hadley You may have done some busy living in your homes for a significant number of years and over time, you have come to realize just how outdated it looks. It could do a bit of sprucing up and a bit of decorating in order for it to regain the luster it once had. Fortunately, giving our homes that much needed update does not require you to hire the services of an interior decorator. Nowadays, it is only a matter of having consecutive free weekends, a dash of inspiration and a hint of creativity, a few good tools and artsy materials and you are good to go. Albeit, this may not be the perfect economic moment for you to do some ceiling to floor overhauls, but this should not stifle your DIY prowess and creativity. Incorporate a bit of color, texture and just a bit of imagination into some home design aspects and you are guaranteed to want and love coming home again

1.) Re-energize with colorful pillows

Give your boring and rather straightforward couch or sofa a bit of energy by adding bold and colorful cushions. Utilize bold and energetic patterns such as island-floral, linen-cotton pillow covers or sophisticated metallic colors to bring an old sofa back to life.

2.) Hang an interior curtain

Curtains are not exclusive to windows and doors. Utilize one to hang in the kitchen of your homes which runs on a track spanning a room. This curtain can have a dual purpose: aesthetic and functional. It is aesthetic in a way that it would look like an appealing accent and functional as it can be pulled to conceal the area of preparation.

3.) Put an antique in the bathroom

Are you in a bit of a snag as to how to give your bathrooms that arresting splendor or that extra oomph? Well, if you have any antique furniture lying around at home that would fit in your bathroom then place it there. It will immediately give your bathroom that unique and authentic factor. Additionally, antiques work almost anywhere regardless of the design aspect.

4.) Move seating away from the walls

Couches, sofas, chairs and lounge chairs should be pulled away from the walls. This creates a more intimate and comfortable setting and it has an artistic feel to it. A room with chairs pinned to walls feels a lot stiffer and more common.

5.) Reupholster furniture with old curtains

Your old curtains do not have to go to waste. Give them a brand new life as your furniture upholstery. It creates an individualistic design unique only to that piece of furniture. It is also a great story to tell guests for whenever they ask where you got the peculiar looking chair from.

6.) Paint only half of the wall

Give your rooms a sophisticated and stylish look by painting only half of the walls and have the rest remain in a glaring white. It will only take half of your time to do than having to paint the entire wall and it can achieve that subtle elegance most rooms with painted walls lack.

7.) Paint the insides of your shelves a bright color

More often than not, the inside of our shelves are painted in a similar color to its cabinets or if it is an open shelf, its shell. Admittedly, this is because they are tucked in and hidden behind objects we may have stored inside. But one way to give it a truly unique and arresting appeal is to paint the insides with a bright color. Try painting it in bright orange and you will see the immediate dramatic effect it can achieve.

8.) Try just a patch of wallpaper

Covering a small room with wallpaper can be overwhelming and it would limit design potential as anything else added to it would create a visual noise. Instead of covering the entire room, try a small patch and cover the frame of your bathroom mirror or something similar. Small patches make a visual statement and are a lot easier to finish.

9.) Go natural

The world outside your porch is a cornucopia of design potential and material, utilize that to your advantage. Shells, twigs, fresh flowers and any other natural bounty are great items you can use to spruce up a kitchen, entryway or stairwell. You do not need to spend an exorbitant amount of money just to give your homes a fresh update. Even from the materials found in your home, design potential is limitless. Just get your creative juices flowing, get inspired and visualize the kind of change and update you want your homes to have.


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